Over the last decade I've had the privilege of delivering live seminars and keynotes around the world to over 400,000 people.

I'm truly fascinated by human performance and human potential. At conference after conference I meet people who are desperate for a breakthrough. It might be in their business or their health or their key relationships. We all have at least one area where we get stuck and need help to take our game to the next level. It's helping people make that sudden internal shift that gives me an deep sense of contribution and achievement.

I began my professional life as an educator and quickly completed a Masters Degree In Leadership And Management.  I was committed to understanding how leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners manage their own thinking, performance and strategies. I then continued a post-graduate program in philosophical anthropology and human relationships. I spent a lot of time exploring how classical thinkers like Aristotle constructed the models of human excellence and potential that underpin our entire business and economic system.

In the years that followed I built a globally successful education and seminar business that still reaches thousands of educators and leaders across the planet every week. My schedule continued to include constant global travel and speaking and the chance to make connections and build relationships with leaders, business people and thought leaders around the world.

In recent years I decided to formalise my interest in peak performance and business through further study in personal and executive coaching. What I loved about the coaching space was simply that it was always 'forward looking'. We don't spend any time looking into the past. You can't drive forward while looking in the rear-vision mirror! Coaching is all about the next action, the next step, the next choice that you need to take to move you forward.