Feedback from Senior Global Executives


Dr. tom burnford

Jonathan has many gifts – first he read me well from the first time we met, listening and coaching and helping me grow as a leader; but secondly he delivered a world class keynote to over 8,000 of our people at the NCEA Convention – and was late to the following dinner because so many folks wanted to talk to him after the keynote!”

His keynote was tremendous; it was as if he was speaking to me, just me, even though there were over 8,000 present.

As a leader I’ve learned a great deal from my collaboration and friendship with Jonathan; he is a great listener yet also communicates what the person in front of him needs to hear, whether over a cup of coffee or when he is giving a keynote to thousands. 


Gail Dorn (President CSCOE)

Jonathan has the unique gift of both connecting with and inspiring people. He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential.  I have been stunned by his impact. His message of hope is greatly needed in our business communities and world.”

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Brice sokolowski (CF France)

Jonathan’s inspirational words, passionate demeanour, and honest character have been a driving force in my ability to achieve my dreams. The facts are clear. With his help, I have accomplished what I’ve set out to do. I’ve increased my income by 63% while reducing my work hours by 50% through being more effective and focused on my objectives. I have doubled the time I spend with family, friends and the pursuit of other passions. I have completed two career changes that are moved towards my long-term goals – and I am absolutely thrilled about my life’s direction.